Help Keep Manners Mall Bus And Car Free For Ever

"A vehicle free pedestrian precinct for all Wellingtonians and its visitors"

Update  18 February 2012.   Manners Mall was changed into a buses only busway, with wider than normal foot paths either side, in 2011. However, there are good prospects for its restoration, for the buses to go by another route and for it to, once again, be a pedestrian dedicated area, as the Cuba Manners Mall.

In the spirit of peaceful walking, here is the Ghandi Statue at The Wellington Railway Station,  to emphasise that his spirit lives on.  Manners Mall will one day be restored as a vehicle free pedestrian mall that's, this time, dedicated to peace and tranquility, as was Ghandi's wish for all humanity on earth.

    "We must become the change we want to see"     


Why It's Manners Street


Manners Street is named after


Charles Manners-Sutton. From


Victoria Street to Cuba Street,


it's called Manners Mall.



9 January is Manners Street day


6 July is Manners Mall Day


Manners Mall, in Manners Street, was given pedestrian mall status on 6 July 1994 under Section 336 of the Local Government Act 1974.





Manners Street was named after Charles Manners-Sutton, the Speaker of the House of Commons in England from 1817 to 1835. He was Lord Canterbury and his official title was The Right Honourable The Viscount Canterbury GCB, PC.





File:Charles Manners Sutton, 1st Viscount Canterbury by Henry William Pickersgill.jpg

Charles Manners-Sutton,
 The Viscount Canterbury.  Born 9 January 1780 Died  21 July 1845

Manners-Sutton was born at Screveton, Nottinghamshire, the son of the Most Reverend Charles Manners-Sutton, Archbishop of Canterbury.

He was appointed a Knight Grand  Cross of the Order of the Bath in 1833

In 1835 he was raised to the peerage as Baron Bottesford, of Bottesford in the County of Leicester, and Viscount Canterbury, of the City of Canterbury.


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The Right Honourable
 The Viscount Canterbury 

Portrait of Lord Canterbury by Henry William Pickersgill, 1833.